Θέσεις εργασίας: Junior Front End Developer

Το Daily Secret αναζητά Junior Front End Developer για το γραφείο του στην Αθήνα.


Are you eagerly awaiting the new CSS3 features to hit all major browsers? Do you convert pixel perfect mockups to indent perfect code? If the answer to these questions is an enthusiastic "yes", then we may just have your dream job. We're looking for a talented and intellectually curious person to help develop and maintain our site's front end. You'll report directly to the Head of Design.

  • work hard, play hard, and get along great 
  • learn one new thing every day 
  • long for simple and elegant solutions - everywhere 
  • are evolving creatures - never stagnate 
  • say "thank you" (a lot!) 
  • are detail hunters 
  • will likely try to bribe you with ice cream (and a full fridge) 
  • are proficient in HTML authoring 
  • are able to replicate the CSS and JS functionality of our site 
  • want to master the nuances of email authoring 
  • cross browser check your code - always
  • know your way around photoshop 
  • have worked with git or another subversioning system 
  • believe that tidiness of code is as important as the code itself 
  • communicate well and thrive in a team environment 

Sounds like you? Then please email your resume to Spiros, our Head of Design (
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