Θέσεις εργασίας: Summer Intern στη Workable

Η Workable, μία startup με ελληνικές ρίζες, αναζητά Intern για το καλοκαίρι. Όπως αναφέρει η εταιρία:

"The project
Workable is a recruitment software platform used by hundreds of employers worldwide to manage their hiring. To help our customers, but also to attract new ones, we publish useful online content that educates and helps small businesses in matters relating to hiring. You can see some of the guides we have published here:
Over the next few months we plan to publish several more guides, job description templates and research about international job sites and job posting practices.
Your role
You will be:
  • collecting and processing content and data obtained through online research
  • developing guides and online content
  • writing and preparing content for publication on our wordpress site
  • doing online keyword research and simple content SEO
What's cool about it
This not one of those tedious internships where you get handed tasks nobody cares about by people who only want to get you out of their way.
We care a lot about this project, so you our team will spend time and effort to help you do a great job. It's an opportunity to learn directly from people with experience.
In the process of developing guides and content you will have to research and learn a lot about recruitment practices, the international industry around hiring, and lots of other things. If you're planning to have any kind of career in HR or managing a business, the stuff you'll learn here will be useful to you very soon.
There's only a few of us and we have a beautiful and happy workplace. You'll meet some great folks and there will be a good measure of fun involved.
Plus, having some of your own work published on the website of a cool company like Workable is something you can show to impress employers when you finish college and need to find a job.
What's not to like?
The minimum requirements to be considered are:
  • Excellent reading and writing skills in English
  • Computer-literacy and the ability to do thorough online research on your own
  • Available to work full-time from June to August. (1 week of holiday included)
Note that this job mainly involves writing guides and online content in English for an international audience. If your writing skills in English are anything below excellent, there is no point applying for this position.
The qualifications below are not strictly required, but we will give special consideration to candidates who have:
  • Formal education or professional experience in HRM/recruiting
  • Experience using the the Wordpress content management platform
  • Excellent knowledge of excel and/or google spreadsheets (anything less than filters and pivots is below excellent)
  • Demonstrable achievement writing for online publications or blogs, in English
  • Basic understanding of SEO concepts and practices
This is a paid internship with an entry-level salary.
We will provide training and mentoring during your internship and make an effort to help you learn useful skills.
If you are a college or graduate student we will provide you with any reference letters and recommendations required to claim credit for on-the-job training towards your degree courses.
We are also happy to provide employment recommendations to interns who demonstrate potential and an solid work ethic."

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