Θέση εργασίας: Software Engineer

Η θέση Software Engineer δημοσιοποιήθηκε από τη StartΤech Ventures:

"StartTech Ventures is looking for an individual to design and develop a new service in the mobile apps sector.
In StartTech, we love fresh and groundbreaking ideas for services that create value and support entrepreneurship. This new service will help developers and startups around the world to get their mobile apps financed through crowd-funding. We are looking for experienced web developers to design and implement this unique service using quick prototyping techniques and a lot of hard work.
If you are our kind of techie, then you are passionate, result-driven and take pleasure in seeing your works used by people who really need it. Experience and skills are required. This is a fast-pace project and expectations are high. You will be interacting with most teams in the StartTech ecosystem, which they will provide you with technical insights required for the project.
Position requirements include:
- A Bachelors degree in Computer Science.
- Extensive experience with building web applications using modern web frameworks, preferably based on JSF
- HTML5/CSS/JS/jQuery experience.
- Experience with building RESTful web services and big data engines will be a huge plus.
- Sharp analytical skills, working under a tight schedule.
- Excellent written and spoken English.
If you wish to be the problem solver of the early deaths of mobile apps and have an entrepreneurial mindset that will help drive this new venture to its maximum potential, you are the ideal candidate.
Keep in mind that this is a full-time position and you will be based in our offices in downtown Athens."

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