Want to be a better leader? Check out these four rules

In an article published on, Matt Barker, coaching and operations director at K2, outlines four ways marketers can improve their leadership, to get more from their team in the near term and set the business up for future growth.

1. Be crystal clear on goals

Leaders are often guilty of not spending enough time setting up projects  and outlining the key objectives.

2. Be a good mediator

In any business there is always the risk that different teams, with different targets, may end up butting heads so understanding working towards joint objectives is crucial.

3. Don’t focus purely on results

Marketers need to shift the focus from what they are trying to achieve to how they are going to work together to achieve it.

4. Give away control

Barker believes the best leaders create an environment where as many people as possible can feel in control and free in their work.

It is the leader’s job to think of future opportunities and challenges and then prepare the team and the business for what’s the come,” he concludes. Κάνοντας Like στο Facebook ενημερώνεστε άμεσα για τα νέα άρθρα -->
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