Workshop: "How to Design a Gamification Project"

Sabrina Bruehwiler will be joined by Vasilis Gkogkidis and together they will deliver a how to design your gamification project workshop where you will get to make your own plan for a gamification solution guided by two professional gamification designers.


1) What do you want to do with gamification?
2) Gamification case studies – inspiration
3) Brainstorming
4) Prototyping
5) Play testing
We will start by defining your goals and why you want to use gamification. Then we will have a look at some case studies that will give us insight on how to use gamification. Some brainstorming is necessary to write down ideas on how to implement gamification in your project. Pen and paper prototyping of your idea that will enable us to play test it in teams and get feedback from everyone.


Sabrina is a member of the Octalysis Group and GamFed (International Gamification Federation) and has a lot of experience in how to design engaging solutions in different industries.
Vasilis works full time at GAMIFICATION+, as a gamification designer and is the ambassador of GamFed (International Gamification Federation).


- 18 euros for individuals
- 15 per person for teams of 3 or more
We believe that this is a great opportunity both for start-ups and bigger companies to work on adding gamification to their product-service or develop a new idea with gamification build into it. There will be 30 seats in total so reserve yours fast! Registration Κάνοντας Like στο Facebook ενημερώνεστε άμεσα για τα νέα άρθρα -->
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