Matteo Renzi quits again

As Bloomberg reports, Italy's former premier minister Matteo Renzi quits as leader of the country's leading party. 

His move leads to a re-election battle against minority dissidents that threatens the stability of the center-left government.

With critics from leftist factions threatening to abandon the Democratic Party, Renzi, 42, told the national assembly of the party in a Rome hotel on Sunday that he had handed in his resignation, acknowledging he was set back by defeat in the Dec. 4 constitutional referendum.

“Everything stems from the referendum,” Renzi told more than 600 party delegates. “I feel responsible for the defeat, there is a before and an after. That referendum was a blow for the whole country, starting with the economic system and we must now put the car back on the road.” Κάνοντας Like στο Facebook ενημερώνεστε άμεσα για τα νέα άρθρα -->
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