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14 Απριλίου 2016

Pellikaan Timing introduces a new watch, the Hendrik Lorentz “speed of light”

 Utrecht, the Netherlands – Since two years the Hendrik Lorentz by Pellikaan Timing is for sale with a pearled silver dial. Now the version with a black dial is introduced, nicknamed “speed of light”. Next to the bigger and more robust Flying Dutchman models the smaller Hendrik Lorentz is a welcome addition to the collection. Customer demand for a more distinguished watch is still increasing.

For this model Pellikaan has chosen an automatic Swiss movement which can be seen through the sapphire glass case back. This movement is dynamically balanced for 6 positions by Pellikaan Timing itself  which increases the accuracy of the automatic movement. The ‘mean daily rate’ is well within the testing criteria for a chronometer (COSC). The design of the watch is inspired by the theories of Hendrik Lorentz about “local time”. This theme comes back in the dial where every hand has its own scale.

2015, the year of the speed of light

It is no coincidence that the Hendrik Lorentz with the black dial was developed last year. Owner Hubert Pellikaan, a pharmacist by trade, says the following about this: “The black version of the watch is developed in the year of the speed of light, 2015.This is the year in which Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance” of the light has become true. And so the light is the only thing that goes much faster than the light”.

Price Hendrik Lorentz:      1895 euros (VAT 21% incl)

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