13th Annual Capital Link Greek Shipping Forum February 9, 2023 in Athens

Volatility has always been a key characteristic of global shipping – volatility is always there but it takes new forms every time. Today’s global landscape is impacted by major trends such as geopolitics, energy security, increasing regulation, deglobalization, a slowing world economy, higher interest rates, easing covid restrictions in China, which has been the locomotive for global shipping and commerce, and more. In this environment, the role of shipping as the link in the global supply chain remains vital and despite the challenges it creates significant opportunities across the various market segments.

Capital Link’s 13th Annual Greek Shipping Forum will discuss the industry’s main trends and challenges, as well as the opportunities that lie ahead and strategies to complete in an increasingly complex and demanding world.

This event focuses on three main areas: 
The current trends and outlook of the global economy and the main commodity, energy and shipping markets.
The critical challenges the industry faces today related to geopolitical and regulatory developments, such as compliance with decarbonization, trade sanctions & tensions, and the transformational impact of technology
As usual, Maritime Finance will be the core subject with focus on bank finance, capital markets, alternative funding mechanisms and private equity.


This event is known for its large attendance by Shipowners, Financiers and other Industry Participants. 

Attendees can expect an informative networking forum connecting them to the shipping industry's key players, including influential members in the financial community, such as commercial and investment banks. This one-day conference is known for its large attendance by shipowners, its rich informational content and the extensive marketing, networking and business development opportunities.
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