Θέσεις εργασίας: Web Designer

Η γνωστή εταιρία δημοσιοποίησε την ακόλουθη αγγελία για τη θέση Web Designer στην Αθήνα:
"Are you a too talented web designer to survive in this world? Are you full of fresh and innovative ideas and no one appreciates them? Are you so multitasking, that you’re reading this while juggling? Do you like to come at work wearing your jeans and t-shirt? Wouldn’t exaggerate if you said that, you switch gears like Steve McQueen at Le Mans? Discrete like Bond, professional like Jobs, and the kind of humor that means you understand why a job description should be fun to read.

Well, today it’s your lucky day! This world actually exists and you can find it in the heart of Athens at, one of the best online travel agencies! And if any thoughts cross your mind like “How exciting could a travel agency be?”, let us tell you that we are young, we are cool, we are present in 16 countries, we work in a multinational environment, we love travel & technology and everything in between!

So, as a Web Designer, you will be part of our Development Team and will be responsible for our web site’s design. Juggling is a good start but we do have a few more qualifications in mind. Two years of web design experience is not much to ask…And since you are so passionate about your job, we assume that HTML, CSS and Javascript are a piece of cake for you, right?! If these words sound weird, stop reading the job posting. If these words are tattooed in your blood, apply for the job and send your CV."

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