15 Highest Paying Internships in America for 2017

Gone are the days when interns were relegated to coffee runs and note taking. These days, interns at some of America’s most popular companies are responsible for high-level engineering, engaging marketing projects, and Q&A sessions with executives. Of course, there are fun activities like summer parties and intern class bonding trips.
But perhaps the biggest perk of some of America’s best internships is the pay. According to Glassdoor’s Local Pay Reports, the median annual salary for a full-time U.S. worker is currently $51,350. However, if interns at these companies worked a full 12 months, their salaries would range from about $96,000 at Facebook (#1) to about $55,000 at Bank of America (#25), much higher than what the average full-time American worker earns. Whoa!
Whether you are a parent looking to help your child land the internship of their dreams or a college student looking ahead to the next life-changing opportunity, here are the 25 highest paying internships in America.
  1. Facebook
Median Monthly Pay: $8,000
Internship Details:  Facebook’s open culture, world-class mentors and opportunities for real impact are just a few reasons why their intern program was ranked #1 on Glassdoor two years in a row. Discover for yourself what makes interning at Facebook the ultimate learning experience.
What Interns Say: “Amazing perks (free food, snacks, transportation, housing (own bedroom and bathroom!), as well as completely paid for intern events on the weekends.” Former Software Engineer Intern
  1. Microsoft
Median Monthly Pay: $7,100
Internship Details: “If you aspire to be a software developer and are currently majoring in a technical field like Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering, consider Explore Microsoft. Our 12-weeks summer internships program is designed specifically for freshmen and sophomores and offers a rotational experience.”
What Interns Say: “Meaningful intern projects. Great diversity of teams: Microsoft has their hands on absolutely everything, so you get to talk to a lot of very smart and interesting people. Probably has the best intern benefits out there. Intern events are amazing. I’ve had great mentors. It’s a great time to join Microsoft in the midst of its reinvention.” —Former Software Engineer Intern
  1. ExxonMobil
Median Monthly Pay: $6,507
Internship DetailsAs an intern within ExxonMobil you get a well-defined task and will be coached by a dedicated ExxonMobil coordinator. “Each internship task contributes to the business and will give you a ‘taste’ of a typical starting position within ExxonMobil. Internships vary greatly in duration and content. The various subjects cover virtually all aspects of the engineering and the economist work: process simulation, safety studies, monitoring software, economic studies, etc.”
What Interns Say: “Great place to start and develop a career. There is a major focus on professional development and management takes your interests very seriously.” —Former Software Development Intern
  1. Salesforce
Median Monthly Pay: $6,450
Internship Details: Salesforce interns and new graduates work on real projects that affect how the business runs, giving them the opportunity to make a tangible impact on the future of the company. “With offices all over the world, Futureforce recruits have the chance to collaborate and connect with fellow employees on a global scale. Salesforce offers job shadowing, mentorship programs, talent development courses, and much more.”
What Interns Say: “Salesforce truly does a great job of making you feel like a part of the team, they have been very helpful throughout my career.” —Former Client Service Intern
  1. Amazon
Median Monthly Pay: $6,400
Internship DetailsAmazon is an “innovative and fast-paced workplace; there is ample opportunity for you to work on complex and challenging problems that can impact millions of Amazon customers. Our internship program is a great way to explore working at Amazon and gain hands-on experience across different disciplines. To help support interns’ growth and ability to deliver on projects, Amazon offers them robust training modules, on-the-job and experiential learning methods, guided mentorship, and a senior leader presentation series.”
What Interns Say: “Great supervisor, great benefits, great location, great work experience. I learned a ton in this position that I believe will serve me well in future endeavors.” —Former Human Resources Intern
  1. Apple
Median Monthly Pay: $6,400
Internship Details: “At Apple, interns are an important part of the team. Whether you sign on for a summer internship or a co-op during the academic year, you can work on critical projects, in the U.S. and around the world.”
What Interns Say: “Very innovative culture, supportive teammates and management; it’s run like a series of small startups instead of global company, makes it very easy to take ownership of work.” —Former Hardware Engineering Intern
  1. Bloomberg L.P.
Median Monthly Pay: $6,400
Internship Details: “After initial orientation and training, you’ll start contributing to projects immediately. Managers will give you constructive feedback and career advice, and through work seminars and cultural and philanthropic events, you’ll gain even more insight into Bloomberg’s culture here. You will also hear from leaders from across Bloomberg’s businesses throughout the course of the summer.” And if you do well in your internship, there’s a good chance you’ll get to interview for a full-time position.
What Interns Say: “Phenomenal company culture which makes employees excited about coming to work everyday. Great benefits and access to cultural institutions. Beautiful office space in a great part of Manhattan – free food, drinks, etc.” —Former Intern
  1. Yelp
Median Monthly Pay: $6,400
Internship DetailsYelp hosts roughly 150 interns each year and they take a lot of pride in the program, which consists of three 3-month terms. When a new intern class starts, they have a significant impact on Yelp’s engineering team of about 400 people. Their work makes a substantial mark on Yelp and contributes to the company’s success. Interns come from all backgrounds and work as either software developer, product manager, or design interns.
What Interns Say: “Unparalleled experience. The community manager is basically your mentor. Knowledge is unlimited in this job and can open many doors if taken seriously.” —Former Marketing Intern
  1. Yahoo
Median Monthly Pay: $6,080
Internship DetailsA summer at Yahoo is the best way to discover first hand what life at Yahoo will be like. “There won’t be any fake projects or mailroom sorting during your summer— but it certainly won’t be all work and no play.” Currently, Yahoo is looking for interns in the following departments:  Office of Inclusive Diversity, Robotics, Social Media, BHRP Legal, and Media Entertainment.
What Interns Say: “Great people, great pay, great perks, and an overall great learning opportunity.” —Former Ad Operations Intern
  1. VMware
Median Monthly Pay: $6,080
Internship Details: “As an intern at VMware, you will create innovative solutions and solve complex problems. If you want the opportunity to challenge your thinking and define your future, come to VMware. Dare to discover your full potential and shape what’s next. We offer a variety of opportunities that will help you expand your network and learn from industry leaders. You will build your career through meaningful work experiences and share your accomplishments with the VMware community.”
What Interns Say: “First of all, the salary package they offered me as an intern was above my expectations. The project I worked on had a very small-company feel, partly since we were working on a pre-1.0 product (which was very cool), and also because my manager did an excellent job of keeping the distractions from senior management to a minimum.” —Former PhD Intern
  1. Google
Median Monthly Pay: $6,000
Internship DetailsGoogle interns are involved and solving problems from the start. “Business interns come from all backgrounds, bring their diverse talents to drive the business, grow our people, and put the user before all else.” For example, “BOLD interns join teams across Sales, Marketing and People Operations to identify challenges, collaborate on building solutions, and drive meaningful change for clients and users.”
What Interns Say: “Great management who is always in constant contact and able to assist with any situation.” —Former Street View Operator Intern
Median Monthly Pay: $5,770
Internship DetailsAs an intern, you’ll join fellow NVIDIANs in nearly all facet of the business, including company meetings. Plus, “you’ll get to attend special, intern-only activities, where you can network, build relationships and have fun. Internships are high-impact, rewarding and available year-round, for a minimum of twelve weeks in duration.”
What Interns Say: “State-of-the-art technologies. Interns are given real projects, i.e. you are given tasks which otherwise would be assigned to full times. Extreme flexibility in choosing/changing tasks/projects. Smart (even legendarily) people; you sometimes meet and work with people whose books you read in the grad school.” —Former Systems Software Engineer
  1. Intuit
Median Monthly Pay: $5,440
Internship DetailsIntuit interns experiment with cloud, web, mobile and SaaS technologies. “And you’ll benefit from some of the best training, development and mentoring around. Intuit’s intern, co-op, rotational development programs and entry-level positions are not just another job. You’ll build a career, friendships and customer experiences that enrich lives in bold new ways.”
What Interns Say: “Amazing people and culture. Happy and relaxed doing the best work of their lives. Great benefits, bleeding edge tech, meaningful work and delighted customers.” —Former Intern
  1. Juniper Networks
Median Monthly Pay: $5,440
Internship Details: “New talent is the lifeblood of the technology industry. By embracing the next generation of network developers and connecting with their passion, Juniper Networks is building the pipeline of high-caliber talent that is vital for innovation. They are also committed to helping develop that talent grow and flourish.”
What Interns Say: “Excellent Internship program, awesome work culture for interns, friendly HR team, visibility to higher executives during internship.” —Former Infrastructure Engineer Intern
  1. Workday
Median Monthly Pay: $5,440
Internship Details: “Workday aggressively seeks the best and the brightest college students and graduates to join Generation Workday, a program that’s uniquely designed to nurture, develop, and challenge future leaders.” If you are passionate and innovative, you should join [their] team.
What Interns Say: “Interns got to design and build their own project. Treated like a full-time employee, and everyone was always willing to explain the code base / language to us. Workday is a super collaborative and supportive environment.” —Current Software Applications Engineer Intern
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