Onassis Foundation is looking for 4 Communications & Marketing Professionals

We are hiring at the Communications & Marketing Department of the Onassis Group:

We are currently setting up a central, amplified internal Creative team, which will design and execute a broad spectrum of communication projects, campaigns and materials for a wide range of Onassis brand-units, eg Onassis Foundation and Onassis Cultural Centre, in both Athens and the US etc.

We seek highly-motivated professionals for the following positions:

  • Graphic Designer  
  • Senior Graphic Designer
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Copywriter

All new hires, on a full-time basis, will participate in the creation of original campaigns and designs, but will also develop various adaptations of existing concepts in several forms/materials.

Joining our team, is a major step in pursuing a career path in the world of Communication, in one of the most dynamic and innovative Foundations globally. In a motivating environment, injected with a conscious aesthetics philosophy, we offer a competitive remuneration package and continuous on-the-job-training opportunities.

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